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Sydney Lebanese institution has thrived after move from Newtown.

IT’S weird to think a restaurant can be a victim of affordability. Call it the curse of the First World but there does seem to be a new breed of diner who baulk at a menu if there’s anything less than a $20 entree or if the number at the front of the main course price is anything less than a “4’’.

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Al Aseel Has Penrith Talking

One mouthful of Al Aseel Penrith’s traditional Lebanese cuisine will send the diner’s taste buds on a whirlwind journey to the Middle East.

The meat is succulent, the hommos superb and the mixed plates offer a combination of foods that could not be more perfectly paired.

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Time Out Says

Al Aseel have been feeding reasonably priced and delicious Lebanese food to Sydneysiders for more than 15 years, with locations in Bankstown, Greenacre and Newtown. Now the industrial ‘burb of Alexandria gets its own fattoush filled restaurant.

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